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In the decade before the Civil War, a homesick young soldier is stationed at primitive-but-flourishing Fort Vancouver in the Oregon Territory and wants desperately to be reunited with his wife and babies back home.

Meanwhile, a group of sheltered nuns are sent to “civilize” the vicinity around the fort with a school, a hospital, and an orphanage, only they are not given the money they need to build them. The nuns are in for a rude awakening in the far Northwest where just about anything goes—and often does!

Sister Joseph, who went on to found the Providence Hospitals, and the unhappy soldier—Sam Grant, who went on to be Major General Ulysses S. Grant and the eighteenth President of the United States—both need the same thing—cold, hard cash—and develop an unlikely alliance in their efforts to get it.

Ken Garner
Shelley Tate
Deborah Lee
Josh Valentine
Reba Sparrow
Sam Levi
Ryan Davis
Angie Hughes


To ensure seating for the show on April 20, 2013, dinner will be served until 6:20 PM.


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